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While this
DIY method
is great for most jewelry and will produce the desired results, we want you to be mindful of a few things:
  1. Do not soak pearl strands (it will rot the string)
  2. Do not soak intentionally oxidized surfaces (ie. class rings or some antique finishes)
  3. Do not scrub surfaces
  4. Do not soak items with glued in stones or pearls
  5. Do not soak opals or infused stones – simply dip the item or toothbrush in the solution and continue
  6. Do not use toothpaste!!! (much to abrasive and can leave a residue)
  7. Do not clean over an open drain & hold on tight when rinsing (unless you are a plumber)
  8. This will not remove tarnish from silver – use a silver polishing cloth for best results
  9. If you are not sure about something - pause - then call us for advice at 800.993.5900 - we are glad to help!
  10. Share these tips with your friends – they will love you for it!!