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Mark Silverstein has spent more than three decades in the jewelry world. His many years in the loose diamond business provided him with the expertise to source, accurately grade, and market diamonds. Using that knowledge, Mark turned to exploring his creative side, developing his distinctive jewelry designs.

Partnering with an established bridal manufacturer, Mark set out to create trend-setting lines and eventual industry staples, including engraved platinum (introduced in the mid 90's). Mark would later follow his heart and start Mark Silverstein Imagines in 2004 - introducing the world to his Gossamer Collection. Industry-wide praise and recognition soon followed, including trade publication JQ Magazine naming Mark Designer of the Year in 2007.

A hands-on leader whose attention to detail meets the most discriminating specifications. Mark's passion for design, commitment to quality, and clear vision of trends has allowed him to stay atop of engagement ring design. He has always found that creating feminine jewelry required a delicacy and understanding of space resulting in added sparkle without detracting from the focal point: the center stone. Mark has always emphasized that a proper balance between ring and stone is critical.

“Center stones are often very expensive and need to be featured, not buried,” Mark states.

For this reason, Mark’s designs are acclaimed for creating a beautiful and always delicate accent to the center stone. It is also important to remember that while they are delicate in appearance, they are remarkably sturdy…however, Mark does point out that if you own a Porsche, it is best not to take it off-road.

It is humbling to receive awards, be featured in the trade magazines and even have his products worn by celebs. But the accolades Mark loves the most are those from his loyal customer base, who countless times have sent him emails years later simply to say how much they love the design as much today as on the day they received it, and that not a day goes by that even a perfect stranger will stop them just to say how much they admire their jewelry.

“You can market yourself to the moon and back, become rich and famous, but just one of those emails from a customer is the reason I do this…that is success…PERIOD!”

Mark is married to the jewelry designer Jan Schmidt, with whom he shares his love of baseball...and their two sons. Mark and Jan have carved time out from running their companies to attend hundreds of their sons' baseball games. For 10 years, Mark coached both boys’ teams and brought home two championship trophies that he continues to proudly display in his office. Mark and Jan are now also becoming avid golfers, which Mark says is not to be confused with accomplished golfers. As a final note, Mark loves to play softball and has won 3 Championship trophies as the pitcher on a team with both his sons. Truly fun!!!

Imagine the future…”
“...just one of those emails
from a customer is the
reason I do this
…that is success…PERIOD!”