Mined or Lab Grown Diamonds

Buying diamonds on the internet can be quite scary and, in some cases, not advisable.
YES, we have a solution... Always use an advocate.

An advocate is a living, breathing person who is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable, with a keen eye for beauty. Mark Silverstein is that guy. With over 4 decades in the loose diamond business, Mark developed an appreciation of the beauty in every diamond and looks at each and every stone he sells with the same analytical eye. He is known for being exceptionally picky, making him one of the best diamond dealers out there, and that is exactly why you want him as your advocate. His steadfast desire to provide you a great GIA certified diamond online (no matter what the budget) will give you confidence you’re getting a great value and, most importantly, a beautiful stone. Mark is so helpful that, even if you find a stone somewhere else, he is willing to discuss it with you, just to make sure you are making an informed decision.

Mark states, "I won't sell a diamond just because it's cheap, it must be beautiful and offer value...or I don't sell it at all."

In an effort to minimize confusion and to ensure you compare apples to apples, we only offer certified diamonds from GIA or AGS for sale. The stones listed on our site are NOT owned by us, so even if you pick out one you like, Mark will look at the stone and advise you accordingly. If it does not meet his strict criteria or if he feels he can find something equal or better for less, he will certainly let you know. Happy hunting – it's fun and safe!

If you like something, please email us the Product ID and we will take a look, offer our opinion and get right back to you. 

We now offer Lab Grown Diamonds. For more information, pricing and availability please call 818.224.2020 

If you need help getting started, please call 800.993.5900 or EMAIL Mark directly and he will guide you through the process with no pressure whatsoever.