Here's what people are saying:

Dear Mark,

I absolutely love my new ring, you did a great job... Hopefully I will see you again sometime, so you can see it on my finger.

- Diana

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional craftsmanship. The ring turned out absolutely amazing! I couldn't be more pleased and I'm confident she will feel the same way. Wish me luck in Napa, CA next month.
Thank you.

-Z.V., CA

Thank you so much for getting the ring to me so quickly.

It was waiting for us when we returned to NY from Nova Scotia. It is really beautiful, fits wonderfully and is very much loved by me (and my daughter!) already. Again, my very sincere thanks for getting it to me before we left for Trinidad.

I will enjoy it for many, many years and hope my daughter will after me.
- Kate, Trinidad


Tom & I picked up our beautiful ring this morning . It was even more beautiful than I imagined! Tom was most impressed to see how our “old” sapphires and original diamond fit into the triple-band “Gossamer Thread” setting. I love the support ring of tiny stones that now support the central diamond. The ring is beautiful, and so comfortable…

I can’t wait to introduce people to your work! We had looked for twenty-five years for a suitable ring setting that would tell the proper story about our marriage. We are thrilled to have found it in your work!

Thank you, Mark, for realizing our hopes.
- Loretta & Tom H., Sugar Land, Texas

Hi Mark,

We just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are with the ring we purchased from you at Arthurs Jewelers trunk show event in St Paul.

We were looking for something unique, saw the images on your website and knew that we needed to come down and see your designs. We appreciate all of your creativity and honesty on what was the best choice for us and had a "wicked" good time speaking with you, as well. We know that we have found the perfect ring for us, and it was a bonus to buy it directly from the designer.

Thank you for all of your help, for creating such beautiful designs, and allowing people to express their own individuality through your innovative designs.

Warm Regards,
-Brad and Jen, MN

"Winning Sets lend something new to the latest wedding and engagement ring styles"
--Elle Magazine

"Romantic-looking engagement and wedding rings with open-worked hand engraving, filigree, wire-work and other intricate textures and elements..."
-Lustre Magazine

First and foremost, I would like to say I am in love with your designs. They are a work of art.

My fiancée wanted a unique ring, one he had never seen before. When he found your design, he knew it was it.

He was right.

It is the most unique, delicate, intricate piece of jewelry I have ever seen.
-K.M., OH

First of all, I would like to thank you and your associates for being so helpful and accommodating on such short notice.

The ring arrived this morning, and admittedly it is nothing short of a masterpiece. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are remarkable. The brilliant contrast between the Platinum and 18K Gold filigree adds an instantly perceptible level of depth and uniqueness to the piece, while still managing to complement (rather than overwhelm) the center-mounted stone.

It is truly a pleasure to behold something of such rare quality and beauty.

The overall design is timeless, as I’m sure the resulting enjoyment of this ring will also be. All the best, and may many others discover, appreciate, and acquire at least one of your exceptional creations!
- J.K., WA

Hey Mark
Picked up the stunning earrings today and wore them out of the store - they're spectacular.
Thank you so much.

They just make me happy - if Prozac were jewelry, it would look like this; they make me feel 10 years younger instantly.

Loved the ring, too.
Anyway, I just had to let you know how great they look and how thrilled I am - wanted to call you to say hi & thanks in person but I didn't want to bother you and it was late in the day.

You're truly a genius; thanks. Chow.

I would personally like to thank you for making my BEAUTIFUL ring. My fiancée picked it out by himself. I did tell him the only thing I wanted for sure was platinum. I not only got platinum, I got a big diamond, sapphires and a beautifully different design.

I absolutely love it. Great job....

Thank you for the incredible service that we recently received from your company.

You all worked over and above the call of duty for this one, and I was able to present my bride her ring on time.

We will definitely come back for the anniversary gifts ! ! !
-T.F., Seattle, WA

Just a note to tell you how much I love my ring!

Every day I tell Jeff how lucky I am!

Thanks for all the time and effort and attention to detail you put into it for us...we're both very proud of it!

Hope all is well, Mark.
-Laurie S., Clear Channel Radio, Seattle

Thank you Mark!

FYI I get compliments EVERYWHERE I go. They love the ring. I can walk into another jewelry store and all of the sales reps come to look at it.

It’s truly amazing!!
- Stephanie L, MBA, Albuquerque, NM

"The best of the new baubles are spectacularly simple…Ring Leaders."
-Bride's Magazine

"...while fancy shape diamonds can give a design a modern edge, fine jewelry designers also keep in mind that any piece they create must have lasting appeal…it must bridge the past and the future."
-Rapaport Magazine

"Mark Silverstein has created some of the most exciting and original designs on the market today.
-Modern Jeweler

Hello! Let me first start off by telling you that your platinum creations are amazing.

I now wear on my ring finger the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I can't stop looking at the intricate, beautiful detailing. My fiancé picked a beautiful setting to compliment my diamond and I couldn't be more satisfied.

I am so impressed by the personal customer service and impeccable craftsmanship you've exhibited.

Thank you again!
-M.S., NJ

I sincerely appreciated the information you sent to me about your company. It makes it even more special to me, to know about the people who designed it.

It is certainly destined to be an heirloom in our family.
-J.B., Chicago, IL

"How do you describe some of today's hottest jewelry...
A tanzanite center stone colors this highly detailed engagement ring in platinum and 18K gold."
-Lustre Magazine

Just had to write to thank you for making the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen.

I was told that it was hand-made, hand-carved specifically for my ring size and radiant cut diamond. You can see the quality and craftsmanship that went into creating the ring.

I was thrilled to be asked to marry the most wonderful man and equally as thrilled to receive your engagement ring.
-V.L., NJ

Thank you so much for all you do for us. Your service is second to none.
-Brenda & Chai, Seattle, WA

Thank you so very much for the speedy delivery of the ring I sent to be sized!!

Wonderful service -- keep it up!

Have a happy holiday and a Happy New Year!!!
-Lisa, Minneapolis, MN

Thank you again for all your hard work.

Twice in two weeks you've promised, and delivered on rush jobs. I want you to know how very happy you've made so many customers, but, most specifically these two! My thanks to Mark and the rest of his staff of jewelers.

Their good service makes it easy to impress our customers.
-Michael, St. Paul, MN

"Bridal Beauties..."
-Professional Jeweler

It has been a crazy year between my job and planning the wedding (September 19th of this year) but I just had to let you know that the proposal went perfect! Laura absolutely loves your ring and so do I!

Your work is absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier with your work and choice of diamond for the center.

I tell all my friends who are looking for engagement rings that they are crazy if they don't get one of your designs. I also appreciate you going above and beyond on the customer care to make sure I received the ring in time for the proposal. I look forward to ordering the wedding band.

-Adam, NM

Thank you very much for expediting the yellow remount job so quickly. I really appreciate all of your effort. The ring was beautiful!

Thank you again.
-Patty, Redbank, NJ

Hi Mark Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring.

It is perfect.

Thank you, I love it. Have a great 2015
- J. Manzek

I just wanted to take the time to personally say thank you for designing such a gorgeous ring for Michael and I! I absolutely love it. Your attention to detail is impeccable. I have received so many compliments on how unique and beautiful it is.

We couldn't be more thrilled with your work and will be life long customers.

- C. Springer

Well the proposal went off without a hitch, and she said yes!

...thanks again for the amazing job you did on her ring, she absolutely loves it and I couldn't be happier!
- C. Walls is a beautiful creation by Mark Silverstein.

You should check out his page.

I never get tired of the compliments about my ring, it truly is one of a kind in its beauty and design. Thank you!
- D. Cepeda

Received the ring- absolutely beautiful. Mahalo nui!!!

- S. Jacobson

So this past weekend, I did the deed. She said yes. And she absolutely loved the ring. I appreciate all your work in making this happen for me. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

This is the most comfortable I ever felt in doing a purchase as big.

That's more so important in that I never met you and we did this thing from the two coasts. You built a trusting relationship and I appreciate it. I hope I get the chance to work with you again and you will always have me as a reference.

Best regards,
- Iehab

I received the ring yesterday and it looks great, you did a fantastic job!

Thank you for all your help and making the next step in my relationship a special one.
- G. Feissner

I just had to email you and let you know one more time what a great job you did on my ring.

Every time I look at it I can't believe it's really mine!

You did an amazing job!
Thanks again,
- C. Moore

Thank you! I couldn't wait, I proposed! She said yes! Thank you so much.
- R. Chiarello

I wanted to let you know that Larry's wedding ring was a HUGE hit...Thank you, thank you, thank you! He LOVES his ring, it's very popular!

- B. Jackson son received the ring today. He and his fiancé are very pleased with it. She just loves the design. I want to tell you that it has been a pleasure dealing with you and thank you very much for the personal attention you have given us, it was greatly appreciated.
- L. Gripp

Thank you again Mark the ring looks great! She will definitely love it
- M. Diaz